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     It's an interesting time to be alive, and part of my upcoming show, Storycatching/Ghost Prints, involves collecting stories from my community circles about families, ancestry, & heritage as they relate to major themes of the human condition & the "American" experience.  Deep interest lies in relating how these familial narratives from the past reverberate & impact us on a personal, national, & global level in the current day.  In other words, please submit a meaningful story about yourself & your family along with a picture to: or click on the envelope button at the bottom of this page.  

     Stories & images will be posted HERE & you will be listed as the author unless you specify the desire to remain anonymous.  3-4 stories will then be selected & I will process & translate these narratives into visual pieces (not for sale though participants may get a duplicate) that will be featured in the show from May 8th to June 4th at Albina Press Coffee in Northeast Portland. Submissions accepted through April 20th.  

     Let's celebrate at Albina Press for the Opening Reception on Friday, May 12th from 6-8 pm & the Closing Party on Saturday, June 3th from 6-8pm.  Art, Music, Refreshments, Friends, & Vibes.  


Who told you this story ?

How old were you when you first heard it ?

Is the narrative impactful to you & why?

What meaning or lessons do you find ?

What & who is in the picture you're sharing ?

Who do you tell this story to ? 

In what ways does this narrative relate to the present day ?

How do you feel / what do you think after sharing it ?