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Storycatching / Ghost Prints

April 2017



the curation of, the creation of

old gut-wrenching legends you love

Two hands here

dusty skin & wrinkles like roads

Who stands near ?

the Seeker & that which is sought

A gossamer net for ancestral dreams

a vessel of lessons

or so it seems

Thus is a pathway to bliss

such is a past way to reminisce

alchemical syllables of future immortality

then & here in fabled gallery

Truth be told if only asked

& you sit there with such

an inquisitive tongue

Listen more than you speak,

Wise One whispered

You'll be amazed

at the things you hear




gather around, absorbing sounds

of old plot lines

Know it well, the age-old rituals

as keepers of the Sacred standing at vigil

Utter agony & sanguine ecstasy

sensuous syntax depicting a journey

Spanning spectrums of humanity

of space & time & their continuity

So what do you make of the here & now ?

Ever it was & always it is

The best of times

the worst of times

 all in

enigmatic dual singularity




sublimating to, subjugating to

old bloodletting

Dear One,

break bread with me

Near One,

 four times around a fire circle you go

Soaking sweat & sticky smoke 

singing solemn Spirit songs

surrender them steaming in your throat

Blunt darkness

Heavy patience

Epic void

nothing & nothing

until something until

A message flashes, crashes through

direct Great Mystery

just for you

Herein lies the medicine

This is true birthright




reminding of, defining of

old bloodlines

Run the course, do what thou wilt

submit yourself as a conduit

It takes practice, you know

intentional honing of the very soul

Such to have the purest honor

to collect them like marbles in a mason jar

 What was given & then revoked

 inked on paper & up in smoke

There is no proof, save these words

What record exists, other than this ?

Who among us can separate

The Dancer from The Dance

The Dreamer from The Dream

Or, for that matter,

The Teller from The Tale ?

I am that

that I am


We are surely all of these :

Hunting amongst the Evergreens

Wishing on the Moon

Crying for a Vision

Desperate to Heal



hold me close & tell it to me again

In this way I fall asleep

in dozens of tiny & tender waves

Your voice caresses one ear

 your noble drumbeat heart


in the other